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HDR Processing shots

Here are a few Screen shots of an HDR image being created in Photomatix pro 4.2 (32-bit). This is a fine program for this type of photography. I have used others and this is my favorite.

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Back when I first started doing HDR photography I went out of control with my processing. Like most people new to it I pushed the limits. I really liked was I was doing yet I didn’t think it looked right. I seemed to “go with the flow”. After all, most everyone else had pics like that. I thought that was how it should look. I don’t like t see my old images but that’s a lesson I guess. Seeing how far you’ve come over the years.
I’ll show a screen shot of this old pickup in Photomatix before the processing and one when the processing is complete in Photomatix Pro 4.2. A third image is my final version after some tinkering in PS CS6.

Below: Image before processing

Below: Image in Tone mapping process.

Below: The Finished project


Mustangs New and Old on the Quarter mile

Two Mustangs meet at Quaker City Motorsports, Salem Ohio. One is new and computerized, the other vintage. The other, pure raw horsepower.
This was the scene of a girls senior photo shoot. The track closed to the public. We had the track alone for a coupe hours. No light tree but we did just fine with out it.

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One fine Ol Gasser

I took some pictures at the New Brighton, Pa. Car Cruise on Sept. 15th 2012 . I would like to create a slide show if I can find the time.
This HDR effect is a little stronger than I normally do but it seems to be what a lot of people like. Just a simple three bracket shot.
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Ratrod Rust

Just a pic from this weekends car cruise in New Brighton, Pa. 2012. I wish I had the time to add more. Hope you like this.

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How to get started in HDR photography

I’m just going to give you a basic idea on how to get started and what you may need to do this type of work. If some people are interested I can post more on this subject.

I have been shooting High Dynamic Range photography for over seven years. This type of shooting is also known as HDR. What it takes to create this type of image is multiple exposres. One correct, one over exposed and one under exposed image. Yes, three shots of the same scene or subject. There is a issue of weather you need three or more shots. Some people seem to think you need five, seven or even nine. Three will work just fine although, I myself have gotten stunning results with more. Trust me you will do just fine with three.
Some people think they can take ONE SHOT HDRs. THese are no way the real HDR images. Just fakes and many times they look fine. You’ll always fine someone somewhere trying to cheat the system for shortcuts in any arena. Maybe they just do’t own tripods. I don’t know!
Yes now that I have brought up the subject of tripods this is one of the most important items you will need. You may of thought about that when I mensioned multiple exposers. I also like to use a shutter release cable. Imagine that ! Another item nobody wants to buy.
The software you will need to create you HDR images can be done with Photoshop and many other programs can be found online. SOme are free and some can be purchased for instant download.
Picturenaut is free among others. I am not affiliated with photoshop or picturenaut I just use these names as examples of software that is good for this work.
Once you have the needed software and the three images you will learn about creating your HDR image in the program. You’ll want to overdue it at first. THat’s what happens when people are new to HDR. Back off and don’t over saturate the image. Also watch for ghosting. A big problem for many people new and experienced. I have seen many people doing HDR for year and there’s even a one page add in a major magazine that offers to teach you to o HDR for a large fee that shows the instructors examples with very heavy ghosting. Ghosting is a halo around builings or cars where the edges may meet the sky. I’ll show an example here today.

Below I have added an example of a hand help HDR I took this summer. Three braketed shots. Yes, no tipod. I wanted to walk freely around town and shoot hand held. THis is my first hand eld HDR and Like I always knew, it wouldn;t turn out good. When zoomed in the are many areas that show triple edges that do not line up because it was not shot STILL on a triopod.

 My goal here is more to talk about what not to do than like others who talk about how it’t done and leave out all the what to look out for if you want a good picture.

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