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More photos on my site !

Have you been to my site lately? I’ve added many new photos for sale and have increased the options for printing them on variouse items.

Click on over to Tony Bazidlo Photography and see my work. Buy a print for a gift for that speacial person in your life.

I’ve had some knee problems the last year that have kept me from getting out to shoot as much as I used to. I’m feeling much better now and will be back out with the tripod again. Enjoy life! Get out and go someplace. Take a camera or a friend or both.  I’ll post more asap. Thanks for stopping by. Tony aka That Sticker Guy


Hello world!

This is just a place to talk about me photography and the prints that I offer for sale. Maybe even eaplain where or how a shot was taken.

 I am Tony a 50yo man in a small town in the southeastern part of Ohio near Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I have a son who also love taking pictures. His are mostly Macro, nature and landscapes as my range goes far wider.

I do offer some of my photos on my site thatstickerguy>Photograhy By Tony Bazidlo II

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