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Halloween Portraits

Well it’s time to share some Halloween images of my niece (Alissa) in her Freddy Krueger Costume. We hit of of the local grave yards for this shoot. Ok we went across the street from her house. Lucky to be so close huh? Todaay I used my Canon 60D, handheld Canon 580II Flash as master  on camera. Canon 580II as slave held free hand by my sister to the left of Alissa (Freddy). 1/60 @ f10 ISO 100 Lens used, Canon 17-85mm. Very heavy overcast day. The end of Hurricane Sandy. 2 Canon 580 II Flashes.

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The Bench In The Shade

That bench in the shade just looks so nice. It’s looks so inviting. I just feel like sitting on this porch for hours and relaxing. Well I couldn’t I had to take some pictures and go on about my day since I had to work. I haven’t been posting any photos since I started building my garage. I also have a 1965 VW beetle I spend plenty of time working on. when the weather cools down I hope to start painting a lot more.
This image is three bracketed shots. one over and under to create an HDR.