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Halloween Portraits

Well it’s time to share some Halloween images of my niece (Alissa) in her Freddy Krueger Costume. We hit of of the local grave yards for this shoot. Ok we went across the street from her house. Lucky to be so close huh? Todaay I used my Canon 60D, handheld Canon 580II Flash as master  on camera. Canon 580II as slave held free hand by my sister to the left of Alissa (Freddy). 1/60 @ f10 ISO 100 Lens used, Canon 17-85mm. Very heavy overcast day. The end of Hurricane Sandy. 2 Canon 580 II Flashes.

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One fine Ol Gasser

I took some pictures at the New Brighton, Pa. Car Cruise on Sept. 15th 2012 . I would like to create a slide show if I can find the time.
This HDR effect is a little stronger than I normally do but it seems to be what a lot of people like. Just a simple three bracket shot.
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Birds in Winter

Since it’s about 10 deg about 0 with the wind chill factor I seem to have some problem going outside. So, I spent Saturday morning sitting in my kitchen at my sliding glass doors watching the birds line up for some free seed. They need an easy meal when the snow is a few inches deep and I need some nice photos. I figure it’s a pretty good deal for all involved.

I only have one photo ready to post right now and will try to get some others up soon if anyone would like to see them. Today I am posting a pic of a couple Northern Blue Jays. With seed on the deck birds are lining up all over the railings and chairs in pecking order. Some a little more territourial than others.

The camera, a Canon 60D, Lens is Canon 55-250mm 5.6 on tripod. Shutter speed 1/1600sec. ISO 1600 Flash did not fire. I didn’t use a shutter release cable but most times I do. I originally posted that I used a Canon 300mm 2.8 but after checking the metadata I found I was mistaken.

Canon 300 2.8 lens at high school football game

In this shoot I used a Canon 60D with 300mm 2.8 Canon Lens to the side lines for some action shots. A manfrotto monopod helped hold this beast of a lens for me. ISO setting at 1600 with f2.8 and shutter speed of 1/320 sec for most of the shots. This lens does not have IS. I feel it is a great lens for the night with stadium lights. I would also like to use it for some wildlife shots. I’m pretty sure the results will be satisfactory.

The arrow pointing to the big guy who stepped over the fence as the rest of the team walked through the gate.