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Kris Kros Photography book HDR ULEASHED

Have you see the amazing work by Kris Kros? This mans photography is simlpy amazing. He is releasing his first book. HDR UNLEASED Kris Kros. He tells it all. Tips, tricks and the secrets of how he creates these master pieces. Get your copy now.

HDR UNLEASHED BY KRISKROS COVER 2013 300Joe The Autherkris kross on flickr


More photos on my site !

Have you been to my site lately? I’ve added many new photos for sale and have increased the options for printing them on variouse items.

Click on over to Tony Bazidlo Photography and see my work. Buy a print for a gift for that speacial person in your life.

I’ve had some knee problems the last year that have kept me from getting out to shoot as much as I used to. I’m feeling much better now and will be back out with the tripod again. Enjoy life! Get out and go someplace. Take a camera or a friend or both.  I’ll post more asap. Thanks for stopping by. Tony aka That Sticker Guy

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The Bench In The Shade

That bench in the shade just looks so nice. It’s looks so inviting. I just feel like sitting on this porch for hours and relaxing. Well I couldn’t I had to take some pictures and go on about my day since I had to work. I haven’t been posting any photos since I started building my garage. I also have a 1965 VW beetle I spend plenty of time working on. when the weather cools down I hope to start painting a lot more.
This image is three bracketed shots. one over and under to create an HDR.

Art show is a big hit

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This week I attended a friends art show opening at Kent States East Liverpool, Ohio branch. Craig Wetzel art was displayed in the Mary Patterson Building. I would like to share some cell phone images with other art fans. You can visit Craig Wetzel site to learn about his work. Craigs art will be on display from Oct. 6th thru the 18 2011.
This event was a big hit with the locals as well as local news papers. Some art was for sale and other are private collection pieces. I for one see craig Wetzel as a modern day Hans Hacker. Please take the time to visit his blog.

Hello world!

This is just a place to talk about me photography and the prints that I offer for sale. Maybe even eaplain where or how a shot was taken.

 I am Tony a 50yo man in a small town in the southeastern part of Ohio near Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I have a son who also love taking pictures. His are mostly Macro, nature and landscapes as my range goes far wider.

I do offer some of my photos on my site thatstickerguy>Photograhy By Tony Bazidlo II

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