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Birds in Winter

Since it’s about 10 deg about 0 with the wind chill factor I seem to have some problem going outside. So, I spent Saturday morning sitting in my kitchen at my sliding glass doors watching the birds line up for some free seed. They need an easy meal when the snow is a few inches deep and I need some nice photos. I figure it’s a pretty good deal for all involved.

I only have one photo ready to post right now and will try to get some others up soon if anyone would like to see them. Today I am posting a pic of a couple Northern Blue Jays. With seed on the deck birds are lining up all over the railings and chairs in pecking order. Some a little more territourial than others.

The camera, a Canon 60D, Lens is Canon 55-250mm 5.6 on tripod. Shutter speed 1/1600sec. ISO 1600 Flash did not fire. I didn’t use a shutter release cable but most times I do. I originally posted that I used a Canon 300mm 2.8 but after checking the metadata I found I was mistaken.


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  1. Nice capture!

    February 28, 2012 at 2:11 am

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