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Fireworks Photography

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This is a fireworks show seen from East Liverpool, Ohio’s All class reunion in July 3rd 2010. The fireworks were shot off from the Chester City Park in Chester Wv. Shooting the fireworks over the Ohio river created some great reflections and the boats get a fantastic view.
Many people have told me they need help shooting fireworks and they just can’t get good shots. After asking some questions on how they attempted their shots and find many of them didn’t even use a tripod. THis is about the biggest problem all of them seem to have. You just can’t get good long exposure night shots without a good tripod. I use a Dynatron AT-A105T Carbon Fiber tripod. I also use a cable shutter release to avoid touching my camera to reduce any vibration that would be cause from touching the camera. Setting my camera in manual, ISO Speed rating @100, F-stop f11, Shutter speed 6.0 sec. Of course I don’t use a flash and have seen many people do that (Another wrong move). The lens I used was a 35-70mm (Focal length 70mm), Nikon D200 camera and I always shoot my images in RAW.
I offer any image in print.


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